Monday 20th July 2015

And we’re off, or very nearly!

If you have come for a look around, welcome!  If you have tripped over the site, welcome!  If you got here by total accident, then bookmark me just in case!

Seriously, this is a work in progress, but if we were a building then second fixing would have taken place and we’d just need to give the walls a coat of paint and move in the furniture.  The Hubster has worked very hard on the site and we’d like to thank Hampshire Libraries, for the loan of the library books on Word Press.  Even though one of the titles is ‘Create your own website using Word Press in a weekend’, it is not quite that simple, but they have enabled us to get this far, which is nothing short of an IT miracle.

I will be running an online shop and also attending fairs, pamper parties and charity events, so venues where I can set up my stall and sell my wares.

You can also commission me to make you a piece of jewellery to match an outfit, or for a prom, or anything that takes your fancy really and I will endeavour to meet your design and your budget!

If you’d like a chance to make your own jewellery, or learn the basics, then I can host and run a course to suit and within a day I guarantee you will make an item to rival some of the gemstone jewellery that is very on trend and desirable right now, but for a fraction of the price.  You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you made it with your own fair hand.

My blog will be a chance to show off my products, but also comment on the world around me.

If you want to comment, please do so, but constructive stuff please – thank you.

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