My name is Deborah Chowney and Chowneys of Whitchurch is the next step in my attempt for World Domination, or perhaps not!

So, who am I?  Well I am a woman who now has found herself in the position of working for herself and is glad to do so!  I relish the opportunity to use my skills, imagination, innovation and expertise in something that engages me and constantly challenges me.

I’ve played with making jewellery for many years, but jewellery does not necessarily a living make.  So I now make to sell, but have expanded my product range to include other accessories such as bags and scarves

The business is small, situated in nooks and crannys of my home, so something that shares my space.  I sell both on-line and via Fetes, Fairs, Parties, anywhere that will have me basically.

Enjoy my site or if you would like to contact me regarding my attendance at an event, please do not hesitate to contact me.